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Local breweries partner with Bring Back the Kern to raise awareness for Kern River

Posted at 11:36 PM, May 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-02 02:36:04-04

Bring Back the Kern has ‘tapped’ into seven local brewing companies to bring attention to the Kern River. Co-owner of crusader brewing company, bailey ale says, the kern river isn’t what it used to be.

“We may go into another drought, and it’s tough to have to deal with that as a part of our culture here,” Co-owner of Crusader Brewing Co. Bailey Ale said.

Another part of our Kern County culture is beer.

Sales manager of Lengthwise Brewing, Chris Perier said that starting Saturday, Bring Back the Kern, seven local breweries, and a few restaurants are continuing the river conversation through crafted drinks.

“They have their own style of brew, some places in town are featuring a lot of different flavors,” Perrier said. “Bakersfield always comes to the task when there are things needed.”

Like Lengthwise Brewing’s “Let it Flow,” hazy lpa, each brewery came up with a customized drink to pair with a “Bring Back the Kern” cup, a sticker, and a postcard. This, Ale said, provides an opportunity for customers to communicate their concerns about the river and a possible drought to state leaders.

Bakersfield resident Alice Lomas who enjoyed Crusader's specialty “Honey Hole” pale ale says she’s definitely sending her thoughts to Sacramento.

“It’s important to me, just to have all the agriculture and greenery in town to continue to grow,” Lomas said.

Bass player of local band, Kali Sol, Jesse Coronado came to Crusader to play and drink for the same reason.

“We need to preserve our river,” Coronado said. “I actually take care of a facility in Kernville, and drive by the river all the time, and I've seen it turn into a stream. So the fact that these guys are doing this, and they asked us to come in and play and be a part of it, we’re super appreciative.”

More information on which breweries are taking part in “Thirsty for a River” can be found here.