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Crumbl announces mini versions of their giant cookies

Crumbl announces mini versions of their giant cookies
Posted at 9:50 AM, Apr 25, 2024

Have you ever tried a Crumbl cookie and wished you could enjoy it in a smaller size? Crumbl cookies are notoriously large and decadent and long-time fans of the baked treats have wished for a smaller version of their favorite cookie.

Well, Crumbl just announced they have a “little secret”: Crumbl Minis are now available in stores nationwide.

Every Monday will be now be “Mini Mondays” at Crumbl, where customers can order bite-sized versions of at least some of the bakery’s six flavors of the week, which rotate regularly.

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The original, large Crumbl cookie measure about 4.25 inches in diameter. According to Fast Food Club, the new mini Crumbl cookies measure about 2.5 inches across.

For Crumbl fans, this news is long overdue.

“This initiative is our response to the overwhelming demand for the Mini Cookies, which have been a customer favorite exclusive to the Catering menu up until now,” said Jason McGowan, CEO of Crumbl in the company’s official press release. “We’re excited to see all of the new ways our customers experience and share our Mini Cookies alongside our classic Large Cookies.”

On Crumbl’s YouTube channel, Crumbl owner/operator José Martinez addressed fans directly and agreed their passion helped bring Mini Mondays into reality.

“You Crumbl fanatics, you Crumbl maniacs, you’ve been requesting this for such a long time. Let’s go!” he said.

Breaking one in half in the video, he declared the minis “the perfect dunking size.”

Before the introduction of Crumbl’s Mini Mondays, customers could only get their hands on these mini cookies if they placed a Crumbl Catering Order. Now, cookie fans can enjoy a mini indulgence once a week, if they’d like.

Each Monday, Crumbl customers can order the mini cookies in three variety packs: a 3-pack, a 6-pack and a 12 cookie party pack. Flavors availability and pricing will vary by location.

Also, customers can not use coupons or discounts on Mini Mondays, so keep that in mind when you make your cookie run to start your week!

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