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Get some fun, comfy Squishmallow slides for only $15

Get some fun, comfy Squishmallow slides for only $15
Posted at 9:36 AM, Apr 09, 2024

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Is your house like mine? Is there at least one Squishmallow toy in view at any given location? Is it possible to trip over a Squish in the kitchen, but also to find one in the laundry basket (and be secretly pleased about it)?

With more than 1,000 designs in various huggable sizes, the snuggly collectibles are a hit with kids — and adults, too. And now the brand’s branched off into branded footwear, including a collection of springtime slides.

Just like the stuffies, they’re cute. And right now, kids’ and women’s Squishmallow slides are only $15 at Walmart.

Squishmallow Kids Casual Slide Sandals

$14.99 at Walmart

Choose your favorite Squish: Scarlet the Strawberry, Bubba the Cow or Winston the Owl. There’s also Maui the Pineapple, not pictured, on a beige-colored slide.

These lightweight, molded EVA sandals will be great for running around town over the summer while hitting the pool, seeing a movie or playing with pals.

Bonus: They’re easy to clean, t so you can hose them right off in case of mud or melted ice cream or other summertime messes.

For adult Squishmallow aficionados, there’s a selection of women’s sizes, too.

Squishmallow Women’s Casual Molded Slides

$15 at Walmart

Check out Maritza the Cactus! Lookin’ sassy in that bold, Barbie-esque pink. Maui the Pineapple and his sun visor are adorable on the swimming-pool-blue version, too.

If chilly toes are more of a concern Squishmallow’s got you covered there, too. These sweet slippers are on sale now:

Squishmallows Slippers Plus House Shoes for Kids

$19.99 (was $22.99) at Walmart

Get the joy of hugging a Squishmallow, but for your feet. The ultra-comfy slippers come with a textured, grippy bottom to avoid slips. Choose either Cam the Cat, pictured above, or Winston the Owl as your partner in comfort.

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