Another body was found in the Tule River after drowning

Posted at 6:43 PM, Apr 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-26 21:43:32-04
Earlier today, family members confirmed the second of two drowning victims was found on Tuesday 
The two CSUB students went missing in the Tule river nearly two weeks ago.  
Students are grieving here at CSUB after learning two of their classmates are dead.
One fell in the water and the other died trying to save her friend.
There is a somber tone now on the campus at CSUB.  Two weeks ago, Shreya Singh and Alondra Orozco went missing in the Tule river.  Both were 21 years old.
Singh’s body was found last week and just Tuesday,  friends and family say they found Orozco’s body. 
On campus, students are hurting knowing that two of their own are no longer with them, knowing that it could have been themselves. Maria Torres tells us this.
"I was shocked because it could have been anyone of us.  It could happen to any student.  It is really concerning that especially she went to CSUB and yea, me and my friend were really scared because you never know where life will take you."
This discovery is prompting students to call for action to make sure nothing like this happens again. Here is what student, Nathaniel Chevez has to say.
"The fact that we go to the same school, the fact that it is in the community. You know we have that connection, so it is really saddening to know that somebody within that community and that connection passed away.  Its saddening. It really is."
This drowning comes on the heels of numerous swift water rescues around Kern County.
With the increase in snow pack melt - there’s more water moving dangerously in our regions popular rivers.
Many times-swimmers don’t realize just how strong and how cold the water is until it’s too late.
"I want everybody who goes out there and does anything like that to be safe, be cautious, think about your surroundings and what's going on."