Casa Loma Elementary School cancels graduation ceremony

Posted at 6:10 PM, Mar 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-22 21:10:00-04

Casa Loma Elementary School canceled the traditional graduation ceremony for the fifth grade class this year, opting for a "celebration ceremony" instead. The change has caused outrage from parents who say they were not notified. 

"We are just looking for answers," Edgar Torres, a parent said. 

Torres has three students at the school -- one of them a fifth grader. He says his son told him that the principle informed the students that there would not be a graduation ceremony.

"It just broke him when he came and told me, dad, I'm not graduating," Torres said. 

Bakersfield City School District said they will still have a ceremony, but it will be different than previous years. They say the new celebration will include a field trip and family picnic. Torres said this information was not relayed to him. 

"I tried contacting the principle, nothing happened. Bakersfield School District never replied to my emails, text messages or on Facebook," Torres told 23ABC. 

School officials would not give a reason for the change. Casa Loma Elementary School declined to comment with 23ABC. 

Torres said he and other parents plan to protest at the school tomorrow morning -- hoping to get more answers.