WalletHub lists the best entry-level jobs of 2019

Posted at 1:53 PM, May 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-01 16:53:34-04

Graduation season is among us, meaning hundreds of thousands of graduates are on the search for entry-level positions across the U.S.

WalletHub compared 109 entry-level positions across 13 key metrics, to determine which jobs were the best - and the worst - for first-timers. According to the report, those on the engineering path will be the luckiest at landing a good job fresh out of school.

The personal finance site placed careers in engineering at the top of the list, and named electrical engineer the best entry-level job of 2019. Electrical engineer also ranked second in the "Immediate Opportunity" category, 26th in the "Growth Potential" category, and 23rd in the "Job Hazards" category. Systems engineer came in second overall and ranked first in "Immediate Opportunity." Engineer ranked third, environmental, health and safety engineer in the fourth spot. The top five finished off with hardware engineer.

So which job is the least fit for first-timers? According to WalletHub, welder is the worst, ranking 109th overall and 100th in "Growth Potential." This position also ranked 102nd in "Job Hazards," so it's not the safest first job to secure.

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