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Charmin selling 'forever roll' that can last up to a month

Posted at 7:40 PM, Jun 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-03 22:40:20-04

(KABC) — Charmin has announced a new line of toilet paper that could last you an entire month.

It's called the "Forever Roll" and it even comes with a FREE special holder.

"It's the same 2-Ply Ultra Soft you know and love, and might just make you sing the Shiney Hiney song!" says Charmin.

A giant single roll runs anywhere from $5.49 and $9.99 depending if you're purchasing for "one user" or "multi-user."

A Forever Roll starter kit runs $29.97 and comes with three giants rolls and a free stand.

The reviews are off the charts, too!

"It is so nice that we do not have to change the roll all the time," said one customer.

"Who likes changing rolls? No one, that's who! This is the greatest bathroom upgrade," another person said.

And the Forever Roll is popular among animals!

"The huge roll kept my cat busy for weeks. I am still finding paper that's all over the house, under the bed in closets, in my shoes, a great investment. I will recommend to friends," said another customer.