Tips to reinvent yourself

Posted at 8:20 AM, Oct 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-18 11:20:18-04

This year has left most of us to re-evaluate our priorities. If it's time to make some modifications in your life, but your not sure where to start, this one is for you. Teresa Strasser talked to a prosperity coach to get tips on how to redefine who you are and reinvent yourself.

Life is full of changes so it's best to roll with them

"Reinvention is a vital part of navigating that change to move forward."

Eleni Anastos, a business strategist and prosperity coach, has a three-step formula on how to reinvent yourself.

For starters, take a circle of life inventory

"The circle of life inventory is a process. You can take yourself through to really rate your current level of satisfaction, your connection in the major areas of your life."

On a scale of one to ten with ten being the highest level of satisfaction, rate your family, friends, physical and mental health. Maybe you don't have the career or the freedom that you want

"It gives you the key areas that you need to focus on first as the launchpad to start reinventing your next chapter."

Next make a personal Venn diagram this will help you focus on your strengths, abilities, and your experiences.

"The visual representation comparing and contrasting the different concepts. And then you see the similarities, what the overlap is.

In your first circle, you're going to list everything that you love doing regardless of circumstance. In the second circle, list everything that makes you a rock star. In the third circle, list all the things that people instinctively come to you for. When you put it all together, you see the overlap of what's the common ground in each area.

"It can be used as the launchpad, as the catalyst for the reinvention."

Finally, create your roadmap

"Think of your life one year from now three years or five years, imagine that you're living your new reinvented and prosperous life and really drill down."

Then work backward from there to develop a plan of action to get you to that end goal.