#Howlong: A solution to end gun violence in Kern County

Community activist calls for an end to violence
Posted at 5:20 PM, Sep 16, 2016
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Last night a healing summit was held at the fox theater in an effort to stop gun violence around Kern County - organizers revealing a solution to save our youth in a creative way.

The big reveal at last night's event was a music video - a remake of the 1989 rap song "self-destruction" but this time with Kern County’s own talent.


#HowLong on Youtube
Twelve local artists on one song all for an anti-violence initiative.

The six-month long project gained the attention of Bakersfield Police  and the Kern County Sheriff department who offered to help by donating props for the video and offering security at last night's event.

Creator Danny Morrison saying the song was the only way he could reach the youth to make a change and put down the guns.


Danny Morrison a radio personality and community activist said, "How long are we going to continue killing each other and more importantly how long are we going to continue to nothing about it? So I said what if we can find away to get music to the kids and send them a message at the same time?"


A message from Creator, Radio Personality & Community Activist Danny Morrison about the Project


“THE #howlong PROJECT'S OFFICIAL ANTI-VIOLENCE VIDEO: "SELF DESTRUCTION 2.0..." - Six months in the making. Multiple collaborations. Lots of blood, sweat and tears in the creation of my message to my city.

Family, Kern County has a SERIOUS problem.

Community love and mutual respect appears to be at an all-time low.

Young African-American kids are failing and/or dropping out of school.

And Kern County is on pace to eclipse the 100-homicide mark for the first time in our history.

I'm willing to bet that you're as tired as I am.


Back in 1989, Rapper KRS-One and multiple high profile rappers came together and formed the 'Stop the Violence Movement.' In the wake of multiple fights and a homicide that had taken place at multiple rap concerts around the country, KRS-One took it upon himself to make a difference and push a powerful anti-violence message. They called it "Self Destruction." It was the 'Hip-Hop We Are The World' of its time. A timeless classic.

So I came up with an idea...

What if I took inspiration from the 'Stop the Violence Movement' and the video... Recruited some of the most talented and highest profile rappers in Bakersfield... Shot on-location at relevant locations throughout our city... Inundated the viewer with statistics and imagery to drive the message home... And to make the message even MORE powerful... ADD THE SKILLS AND CHARISMA OF ONE OF THE MOST SPECIAL MC'S TO EVER GRACE KERN COUNTY. A BLESSED SOUL THAT LOST HIS LIFE TO GUN VIOLENCE APPROXIMATELY TWO YEARS AGO.

Ladies and Gentlemen...

My message to my city...




Danny Wayne

A night of hope and healing was held at the FOX Theater in an effort to stop gun violence around Kern County.


In a time where it seems violence has taken over the streets of Bakersfield – radio personality and community activist Danny Morrison may have a solution. 


Since July Bakersfield police investigated 23 homicides and the Kern County Sheriff's Department investigated 26, almost overlapping last year's total.


Morrison said the only way he could reach the youth to make a change was with music, remaking the 1989 rap song “Self-Destruction” but this time with Kern County's own talent.

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