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Hobmann's Haunts: East Bakersfield High School

Posted at 7:37 AM, Oct 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-18 14:38:00-04

From the outside, East Bakersfield High School looks like your average school, but rumor has it that on the inside, there are haunted spirits walking the hallways.

While students are currently learning from home, Dean of Students and ghost hunter Missy Bennett says the school's auditorium isn’t necessarily empty.

“There was an accident on this stage, or somewhere in this auditorium, I presume the stage, where there was a custodian that was climbing a ladder to fix some lights and he had fallen from the ladder and was left there for two days and died during that time," said Missy.

Missy said students and staff believe that man’s ghost still lives in the auditorium. They’ve seen the lights flicker on and off, and cheering, like an audience was watching a show, has been heard even though the theater was empty.

Last week we asked Missy about these stories and sure enough, our camera lights turned on and off. It happened several more times during our interview so we came back this week to see what we could find.

“I will always start off with my digital voice recorder. We will record throughout the entire time that we are investigating because we just never know when we’re going to catch something when we’re trying or even when we’re not trying," said Missy.

First we asked a few questions.

“If you’re here, can you give us a sign that you’re here. I have this device here on the table that has the green light on it and it’s a way for you to communicate with us," said Missy.

We also used an electromagnetic field detector.

“Give us a sign that you’re here," she said.

And a thermal radar, but nothing wanted to be seen or heard that day.

“As with any investigation, we sort of go in hoping that something becomes very evident to us and sometimes that doesn’t always work out," said Missy.

So does this mean there isn’t a ghost inside these walls?

“I don't know that there was any proof that took place necessarily one way or the other," said Missy.

Missy said it just might take some more investigating, but it does make you wonder - when the students are away, who, or what, comes out to play?

Tune in next week to “Hobmann’s Haunts” to see where we chase down spooky spirits next.