Always Remember: 3 Odd Shrines Around the World

Posted at 2:33 PM, Apr 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-20 13:31:29-04

You’ve heard of memorializing a person or event, but how about some sad, lonely, discarded cookies? It’s true and that's just one of the odd tributes that has been cropping up online. Get ready for some strange because Teresa Strasser has three wild shrines from around the world!


1.  The Drummond Puddle Watch

Over half a million people tuned into this UK livestream that captured the many ways people cross a puddle. Some ignore it, some tip toe through, and others hop around. The British sense of humor kicked in when one bloke brought out a "slippery when wet" sign.


2.  Bag of Discarded Cookies

A package of cookies called Digestives, were left on the ground, when a passerby snapped a picture and posted it on Twitter. It quickly went viral and pranksters united. With the shrine growing as the day went on, a note, flowers, candle, and picture were left to memorialize the crumbs. To top it off a pack of mourners encircled the sad, unwanted cookies.


3.  Conrad the Raccoon

The Canadian critter passed away near a bus stop so a good samaritan contacted authorities. By the time they arrived, a shrine had formed with a picture, flowers, and note, all for poor little Conrad. When the clean up crew finally came, they snapped a picture and joined the fun. As the day went on the memorial grew and grew. Even Toronto City Councilor, Norman Kelly, called for residents to keep their green bins open overnight in honor of the furball.


RIP sad cookies. That’s three memorable memorials around the world.


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