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Creator behind Bakersfield Black Magazine says, 'It's a voice for us'

As February marks Black History Month, 23ABC News is bringing the story behind the sole creator of the Bakersfield Black Magazine.
Posted at 7:34 PM, Feb 15, 2021
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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — As February marks Black History Month, 23ABC News is bringing the story behind the sole creator of the Bakersfield Black Magazine.

The Bakersfield Black Magazine, you may have seen a lot of their publications on social media- highlighting and showcasing several African American leaders in Kern County, but this month we are learning about the person behind the publication magazine, who shares she started it to recognize all big contributions they are making.

"My favorite story is I gave out a magazine to a child, and I said 'what do you see in that magazine,' and he said what he saw and I said 'do you see yourself,' and he said 'yes,' so, that's the goal that you can be and do anything that you want to be," said Angel Lee, founder of Bakersfield Black Magazine.

Angel Lee is also the founder of Beautiful Human Hair Wigs, which is an organization that provides wigs for cancer survivors, but when she's not providing confidence for young girls or women, you can find her working the latest issue of Bakersfield Black Magazine.

"It is to see that there are people in your community that are tangible, not like a celebrity that's not tangible, that you can, you know, read their interview we'll see what it took for him to get there," said Lee.

Bakersfield Black Magazine has been in publication for two years now and with 24 issues to date with subscriptions across the country, Lee said she started the monthly magazine to showcase the many talented and diverse individuals in Kern County.

"Me personally when I first came here, I've seen so much talent, and you have to be in certain areas to see that talent or to see the people in a community and what they're doing, and then there are those people that don't get the recognition and so that's also the magazine is for as well," added Lee.

Lee is also responsible for the Bakersfield Woman Magazine, which highlights local female leaders in the community and both magazines cover a variety of topics from entertainment, health, and wealth.

"It's a voice for us."

The grassroots magazine is too a member of the Black Chamber of Commerce, its President Nick Hill says the community and beyond Kern County are in need of platforms like the Bakersfield Black Magazine that solely highlights the often time unsung emerging African American leaders.

"It is extremely important for other ethnic entities to also reach out and put ads in the Bakersfield Black Magazine, you know, because like, there are a lot of different things that cross over you know as far as businesses as far as entertainment, as far as products," said Hill.

The Black Chamber of Commerce will be offering three of the chamber members a free ad in the next issue of the Bakersfield Black Magazine, to encourage other business owners.

The magazine is currently looking for writers, and social media managers to help in the publication process of Bakersfield Black magazine, you can reach out by contacting them by email,

Black History Month
Black History Month

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