Governor Newsom updates state on wildfires, COVID-19, flu season, and the census

Gov. Gavin Newsom
Posted at 12:09 PM, Sep 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-28 20:31:02-04

Governor Gavin Newsom gave California an update Monday on the state of wildfires, the census, COVID-19, and flu season that is "around the corner."

Wildfire Monitoring:

Glass (Napa county)

  • 0% contained
  • 11K acres

Zogg (Shasta county)

  • 0% contained
  • 7K acres

Creek fire

  • 39% contained
  • 306K acres

State wildfires

  • 3.7M acres
  • 8,136 fires
  • Over 18,000 firefighters
  • 27 major fires/complexes
  • 26 fatalities
  • 7,100 structures destroyed

COVID-19 and flu season:

Newsom shared a positive note first stating the actual positivity rate overall continues to trend downward, a 21% decrease in ICU admissions, and a threefold decrease. However, he stated those decreases are beginning to plateau and some regions, including Kern County, are starting to see an upward trend.

"Some concern and some points of optimism all mixed into one, but it is simply a reminder of what many had projected and predicted. And that is we have just come through difficulty of a first wave but the anticipation of a second wave of this pandemic into the fall season, I believe this morning there were 26 states that have seen an increase in their total number of cases, this is again what science had predicted. If we go back to our original form, if we're not cautious, if we're not vigilant, if we're not wearing our masks, if we're not practicing social distancing, physically distancing, and hand washing, and hygiene, these numbers could start to tip back up and that's when we put pressure on our tiered plan and put pressure on our ability to reopen. Not just our businesses but to get our schools open, a top priority." said Governor Newsom.

He showed the current state of counties in each tier in his reopening plan.

  • Purple - 25 counties
  • Red - 19 counties
  • Orange - 11
  • Yellow - 3

And along with COVID-19 concern, the Governor touched on flu season which is around the corner. He stated outbreaks of the flu and COVID-19 at the same time will drain resources and care that everyone deserves. And to impart how important he believes the flu shot is, and how "simple" it is to get one, Newsom got a flu shot during his briefing. One of his slides said, "like wearing a mask, flu shots will help keep California healthy."

Homekey Project:

The Governor said in regards to the issues of wildfires and the pandemic, he believes and would argue, "the homeless crisis in this state deserves similar attention and resolve and approach."

He state within the project Homekey, $450 million has been awarded so far, and a total of 3,300+ unites have been created. Within the third round of awards $137 million, 938 units, and 19 projects within 15 jurisdictions had been given. And the big announcement for the project was an addition $200 million being put towards Homekey funding.

And imploring residents to complete the census, Newsom said it is absolutely essential that we all participate in the census, we don't have much time left. The last day to be able to fill out the census has been extended and ends October 31st.

Newsom said that California could lose $10,000 per person that goes uncounted, the census is 9 easy questions, and it is safe and confidential.

Through a public service announcement it was shared that there are three ways to complete the census:

  • (844) 330-2020
  • Mail