California's COVID sick leave to end

Posted at 10:32 AM, Sep 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-30 13:32:50-04

(KERO) — COVID sick pay is coming to an end. What you can expect to do now if you get sick.

COVID sick pay has helped many residents across California when it came to being exposed to COVID or having the virus. However, supplemental sick leave related to COVID is set to end Friday.

A law that was put into effect in California in early march of 2021 required companies with more than 25 employees to offer 80 hours of supplemental sick leave for COVID, which included either for quarantine or vaccine side effects.

With federal COVID sick pay expiring employers will no longer be able to take an offset in tax credit.

Sandra Dickerson, the CEO of Your People's Professionals in Santa Maria says that becomes a direct expense on businesses.

"What we still have and what small businesses need to evaluate is as of this Friday we still have CAL/OSHA's emergency temporary standard."

This means those who get sick or exposed to COVID in the workplace can get paid for their time off. This will not cover an employee who gets sick outside of the workplace.

Dickerson says with kids back in school, a potential exposure causing a parent to miss work could affect many families financially. She says in that case other applicable leave laws may apply.