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One study shows a new method of treating cancer, according to researchers

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Posted at 6:55 AM, Jan 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-08 11:57:50-05

(KERO) — A new study found that heating up cancer cells may help kill them. Researchers from the University College London say heat combined with a chemotherapy drug was more effective in killing cancer cells than using the drug alone.

Researchers say the cancer cells begin to die off at 107 degrees, compared to healthy cells which can withstand temperatures of up to 113 degrees.

They say using heat combined with a chemotherapy drug could also lower the side effects because it would target cancer cells and not healthy ones.

Their study showed using the drug Doxorubicin and heat-killed 98% of brain cancer cells in 48 hours while using the drug alone killed 73%. For breast cancer, the results were 89% and 77% respectively.