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Some dietary supplements may do more harm than good when it comes to heart health

Posted at 9:21 AM, Jul 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-15 12:22:09-04

Many of us take dietary supplements - more than half of American adults do. But, most of the supplements on the market today don't do much to help your heart.

Probiotics, multi-vitamins, vitamin c - there's a good possibility you take some kind of dietary supplement. But, are they really doing any good?

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, 52 percent of American adults use these pills. But new research says that most vitamins and minerals found in these supplements actually don't do anything for your heart health.

In fact, they may even increase your risk of a stroke.

The Annals of Internal Medicine did find that omega-3 fatty acids -- commonly found in fish oil -- reduced the risk of heart attacks and coronary heart disease. But the group says almost everything else "had no significant effect on mortality."

Instead, one potential option research says that helps out your heart is a simple change in diet. Researchers found limited evidence that a low-salt diet may reduce the risk of death but only in those with high blood pressure.