Bakersfield family nurses stray dog back to health

Posted at 3:41 AM, Aug 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-01 10:19:10-04

In a home full of animal lovers, the Drake family welcomes Midnight.

Midnight came into their lives just a few weeks ago.

Colleen Drake found her looking for food in her mother-in-law’s pasture.                                   

 “I could fit my hands around her. It was horrible and it broke my heart,” Colleen said.

It’s safe to say the stray was in bad shape.

“Skin and bones and super dehydrated,” Colleen said.

But as a life-long animal lover, she was not going to let this dog’s story end like that.

Three of us pulled probably over 200 ticks off her. She was rough,” Colleen continued, “The ticks were basically sucking the life out of her.”

The Drake family decided they were going to nurse this dog back to health.  

“I didn’t want to take her to the pound because I was afraid she would get very scared,” Colleen said.

She posted a photo in the ‘Friends of Marley’s Mutts’ Facebook group, which garnered hundreds of shares, but no luck finding an original owner.

What she did find, was support from the community.

“Everyone has said thank you so much,” Colleen said. “It’s amazing, I’ve been sharing updates... people are amazed that she went from skin and bones to so calm and gaining weight.”

While Midnight is doing much better, she still has a long road ahead of her. Colleen said the dog is struggling with social anxiety, but improves a little with each day.

“I’m loving it because to see her come from the brink of death to playing with my dogs, and my kids, it’s fun.”

Colleen said her family has always considered it common sense to care for all animals.

“This is common sense. Why wouldn’t you treat them with respect? I guess that’s a rare commodity nowadays.”

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