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Honoring the history of the Sisters of Mercy
Posted at 7:20 AM, Sep 28, 2018
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The walls of Mercy Hospital are decorated with photos and quotes, telling the history of the Sisters of Mercy.

It's especially during Mercy Week, that the heritage and history is honored.

"The Sisters of Mercy, who I am a member of, and have been a member of for the past 59 years… The Sisters of Mercy were founded by a lovely woman, Catherine McAuley, in Dublin, Ireland in 1831,” Sister Judy Morasci, the Vice President of Mission Integration for Mercy Hospital, said.

According to sistersofmercy,org, “the first Sisters of Mercy arrived in the United States from Ireland in 1843. Their energy in ministering to the sick and economically poor attracted so many new members that by 1854, sisters had come from Ireland to settle in New York City; Chicago, Illinois; Little Rock, Arkansas; and San Francisco, California.”

Sister Judy has been with Mercy Hospital for 24 years, and says there’s no better time than now to remember the values the Sisters of Mercy lived by, including spirituality, community, service, social justice and critical concerns, and works of mercy.

"There are major needs in our community. Just look at our community. We have a huge population of the homeless, we have many poor people and underserved people,” Sister Judy said.

During Mercy Week, hospital employees are giving back, serving food to those in need.

"The gift of giving back is part of what life is,” Sister Judy said. "To give to others who don't have as much as we do."

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