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"Growing" the community in Arvin with Cannabis ordinance

City of Arvin approves marijuana ordinance, hoping to “grow” funds and local opportunities
Posted at 6:43 AM, Feb 28, 2024
  • Arvin officials are hoping it will stimulate ‘growth’ by taking care of some of the start-up costs.
  • The Arvin City Council meeting took place on February 27, 2024.
  • The City of Arvin approved an ordinance, which will expand the cannabis industry in the city.


The Arvin City Council made the motion to approve Ordinance 2022-479, which allows applicants to establish outdoor cultivation operations.

Current requirements require all cannabis cultivation to be within a fully enclosed structure.

With the approval of the proposed ordinance, the initial investment and operational costs to start the outdoor operations are lessened.

But there are limitations.

Cultivation will only be allowed in the manufacturing and industrial sections of Arvin, away from churches and schools. City Manager Jeff Jones said these are considered sensitive locations. He adds that these locations are on the southwest and east sides of town.

The proposed ordinance establishes an annual fee of $25,000.00 per gross acre for outdoor and/or mixed cultivation, according to Jones. Money gained from the project will go towards general fund purposes.

Jones also answered questions emailed to him by 23ABC about the potential pros and cons of the ordinance.

He said that the pros include:

  1. Expand options for outdoor and mixed cultivation applications without major costs for new construction facilities. 
  2. Provides more [local] opportunities within the City.
  3. Provides potential revenue for the City and the community.
  4. All applications are full cost recovery borne by the applicant.

The only con that Jones mentioned was the additional time for the processing and monitoring operations.
The approved ordinance will be effective thirty days after it has been adopted, where people interested can apply.

City officials are hoping to generate anywhere between $300,000 to $500,000 per year in new revenue, beginning in 2025.

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