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A parked car ends up inside a bar after a crash

A vehicle allegedly involved in a car chase lunged a parked car into Stella's Sandtrap
Posted at 6:10 PM, Jun 16, 2024

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) — In a matter of seconds, Stella's Sandtrap, a 32-year-old family business was allegedly destroyed by a vehicle involved in a pursuit.

  • Video shows how a local family tries to save their business after a wild chase leaves a hole in it.
  • According to the bar’s owner Jimmy Brawder, a car involved in a pursuit crashed into several parked cars at his business—lunging one of them inside.
  • Brawder said the three people in the vehicle allegedly involved in the chase, were young and appeared to be under the influence.


Behind me, you can see the aftermath of a car crash that left several injured and a family business in ruins. Together, the family is working to save their business.

Jimmy Brawder is the owner of Stella's Sandtrap on Niles. He tells me a car was involved in a chase just after midnight early Sunday morning. It ended at the intersection of Niles St. and Oswell St., surrounded by Sheriff deputies.

Brawder says the car then tried to race through the parking lot.

"You can see where the car slid over here," said Brawder, "Came up into our parking lot, hit five cars, hit the other car right here by the front of the door, knocked that car through the building."

An eyewitness provided 23ABC with video captured on his cell phone.

After piercing through the bar's wall Brawder says the car scattered debris all over the building.

"Inside the bar, there was one elderly woman who got hurt but not seriously," he said.

Brawder said the three people in the vehicle allegedly involved in the chase, were young— he added that two were injured and a third person was detained.

Although the bar is located in a rough neighborhood, the owner says he hopes to make the repairs so he can reopen the business founded by his mother 32 years ago.

"We've been cleaning it up, but rocks and things just flew across the whole bar," he said, "We're lucky that no one else got hurt."

At this time, Brawder says the bar is red-flagged and cannot begin repairs until a new plan is drawn by an engineer.

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