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MOSQUITOES IN THE HOUSE: How to prevent pest growth in your neighborhood

Kern Mosquito and Vector Control District offers tips to stop infestations
Posted at 3:22 PM, May 10, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-10 18:43:04-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) — WATCH OUT: Mosquitoes are in your neighborhood and go for your ankles. They can spawn from any source of unattended water.

  • Video describes the damages mosquitoes can be in the community.
  • They can form from the smallest source of unattended water.
  • They can transfer diseases that are harmful to you and your family.


Mosquito season is soon approaching, and officials are warning people to be aware of how to prevent them from infesting you and your family. That’s why a meeting centered about the insects was held Thursday to share important things to keep in mind.

Jay Thao District Manager at the Delano Mosquito Abatement District says "Residents can police their backyard by preventing any sort of standing water, in man-made containers or their swimming pools."

Many sources of water unattended can lead to a growth in the mosquito population. They stay within a 150-yard radius, so even if you don’t have plants outside your neighbor could possibly be adding to the problem.

Public Information Officer from Kern Mosquito & Vector Control District Terry Knight says "We ask you to check your yards at least once a week, that means dogs water bowls any small sources, children’s toys that are left out around irrigation systems or sprinkler systems. Imagine a frisbee turned upside down what is it, it’s a container."

These mosquitoes constantly bite and lay eggs. Some can get infected, and some can carry diseases like West Nile that are harmful to humans.

Michelle Corson Public Relations Officer from Kern County Public Health informs us that "Our population that is more susceptible to severe illness is going to be those over 60 years of age individuals with compromised immune systems that are dealing with a chronic disease such as diabetes those folks are more going to have a higher risk to severe illness."

If you or someone you know have a mosquito issue you can call either one of these companies and they will offer free service to help you remove them.

Please visit our website for information about each company to contact them. For 23ABC I'm Eric J. Dockery.

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