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Cancer can take away a lot, but for one man in Pine Mountain club, it has given him creativity

Buddy Morsello shares how his battle with stage four Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma gave him the inspiration to create music
Posted at 7:00 AM, May 29, 2024

PINE MOUNTAIN CLUB, Calif. (KERO) — Buddy Morsello shares how his battle with stage four Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma gave him the inspiration to create music.

  • Despite his battle with cancer, one resident in Pine Mountain Club finds that since receiving his diagnosis, he’s determined to get people to dance.
  • Buddy Morsello with “Morsello Music” prepares to drop his first single, putting an upbeat spin on some of his darkest moments.
  • “Call My Name” releases on June 15, 2024.


On February 11, 2022, Buddy Morsello said he was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma stage four.

“My earth was shattered on that day,” said Morsello. “The biopsy came back, I was… I wanted it to be a million different things…”

Morsello said his diagnosis boosted his motivation to pursue a music career.

“There’s a million people out there that can write and compose music. There’s so many,” said Morsello. “But if I don’t have something more to offer the world, I knew I’d just be like a clanging cymbal out there, just making a sound.”

But following his diagnosis and treatment, Morsello said he also found his calling.

“... it wasn’t a voice, it was a feeling that I got that said at this time in a few years, you’re going to be amazed and where you are and what you’re doing,” said Morsello. “And I was like, okay.”

Following some of the toughest parts of chemotherapy, Morsello made the trip from Ohio to California and said that’s where he met Grammy nominated artist Robert Eibach.

That’s when Morsello knew it was time to bring his first single to life– “Call My Name.”

"Call My Name"

Morsello said, “I did the verses and of course the impetus for the song was the journey that I went through, but Robert’s experience really added an amazing dynamic to the song. It is a complete song.”

The song compares Morsello’s journey with his diagnosis to the journey of moving to California.

“I found out about the Santa Ana winds of California and what they do… with wildfires. So when you get a diagnosis, essentially, that’s how it is,” said Morsello. “The song begins with ‘It came like the Santa Ana’s with flames in the valley,’ because that’s what it feels like.”

While “Call My Name” holds a lot of deeper meanings, it's designed to be upbeat, encouraging listeners to dance.

“Even the best things and the worst things all have two sides, the good and the bad,” said Morsello. “So the negativity of the cancer diagnosis to the point of dancing, welcoming troubles, because they’re gonna come anyway, and trying to dance through them.”

The single“Call My Name” drops on June 15, 2024. The song will be available on multiple music platforms and available for download on iTunes and Amazon Music.

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