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Blooming wildflowers add a splash of color to the mountains

The Wild Flower Hotline dedicates their weekly reports to everything wildflower in California
Posted at 6:39 PM, Apr 10, 2024

FRAZIER PARK, Calif. (KERO) — The Wild Flower Hotline dedicates their weekly reports to everything wildflower in California.

  • If you are driving on the I-5, you may have noticed yellow flowers painted across the mountains.
  • The quickest way to find the hotspots this spring is through the Wildflower Hotline.
  • New reports are released every Friday from March until the end of May.


Evan Meyer is the executive director of the Theodore Payne Foundation, a non-profit organization that shines a light on the spring wildflowers throughout California.

“It’s like a rite of spring to check the Wild Flower hotline and go see flowers,” Meyer said. “Some of the places like along the Grapevine, the Gorman Hills, are famous for their poppy blooms and the Antelope Valley, of course, so I think they’ll be some wonderful things to see in Kern County, but you never can say for sure.”

Emmy award-winning actor Joe Spano voices these reports, narrating the idyllic scene.

“Joe, who’s the actor, who’s been reading it for many years, just has this beautiful cadence,” said Meyer. “He’s the voice of spring for Southern California.”

More than just showcasing the wildflowers, the hotline also educates the community on how to best protect these plants.

“They’re actually quite threatened by habitat loss and climate change,” Meyer said. “There’s a need to do everything we can to appreciate them and conserve them.”

Meyer says one of the biggest threats to the wildflowers is the growth of non-native and invasive species.

So what can the community do to protect the lush growths of wildflowers?

Meyer said, “The number one thing people can do is just stay on the trail. Because when you walk off trail and you walk on the annual wildflowers, you can prevent them from coming back.”

While the hotline is based in California blooms, Meyer said people around the globe can tune in to celebrate the season.

“Listening in from the East Coast where it still might be winter, it’s just a way to start to celebrate early spring,” he said.

The Wild Flower Hotline posts new reports every Friday, but only from March until the end of May.

Ways to tune in:

  1. Call 818-768-1802, ext. 7
  2. Spotify or Apple Podcasts 
  3. Read the illustrated written report

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