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Bringing animals off the pages at local library

The Frazier Park Branch Library hosted a free mobile zoo event for the community
Posted at 3:14 PM, Jan 28, 2024
  • Video shows the Mobile Zoo of Southern California visiting the Frazier Park Branch Library
  • The library plans future events and vendors, which will be posted on their website.
  • The library says the event was made possible by Measure K


Reading about animals is one thing, but reading with animals is a different story.

Embracing the wild side while educating the community.

The Frazier Park branch of the Kern County Library hosted one of their monthly vendor events– for free. This time, bringing in the Mobile Zoo of Southern California.

Jaslynne Forrester, Frazier Park Branch Library office services technician said, “Something like this is really fun because they’ll be learning about the animals, but they also have the excitement of you seeing them. And having someone knowledgeable about these animals tell them instead of just finding it online...”

The library said this event was made possible by funding from Measure K. Forrester said, “This budget from Measure K and we’ve been able to do things like schedule the zoo to come, schedule a bunch of new programs, get a bunch of supplies and stuff. So it means that we can offer a lot more to the community.”

And they're not alone in herding the community with the Mobile Zoo of Southern California, who performed their Crazy Critters show.

Stephan Choi with the Mobile Zoo said, “I’m most excited to see someone see an animal for the first time, like a chinchilla– like a Kevin– and just immediately bond with them and just be curious about them”

Some of the animals in attendance included, “...a chinchilla, one of the softest animals in the world. You can see various reptiles such as a bearded dragon, iguanas, leopard geckos,” said Choi.

The event brought animals out of the books, and into the hands of local kids.

“A lot of people seem to adopt the personalities of their animals,” said Choi. “So a lot of people that I know that own a bearded dragon seem to be very laid back, love soaking up the sun at the beach and, you know, rarely get upset at people… People that own ferrets seem to be very curious and active and mobile.”

The event allowed people to build connections that are impossible to get through reading or researching online.

As Choi put it, “Just to ignite a spark, because people will relate to certain animals and find a bond with them throughout their life. So hopefully we do that on every show.”

Or finding a new fur-ever partner.

“It helps people because you never feel lonely when you have an animal that connects with you,” said Choi. “It’s like a sidekick, a pet… Humans have had sidekicks and pets for thousands of years, and there’s a good reason why.”

Although the Mobile Zoo has already passed, the Frazier Park Branch Library invites the community to explore more of their upcoming events.

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