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Carving his heart and soul into 'woodsy' creatures

Dremel in one hand, wood in the other– Treebones Creations 'fires' up the community with his creations
Tree Bones Creations
Posted at 5:54 PM, Dec 22, 2023
  • Video shows Paul Borch, owner of Treebones Creations, sharing the origin of his craft.
  • Borch invites the community to check out his work on


Giving trees a second life, a Frazier Park man admires nature through his art.

“Sometimes you get in that little rut where you can’t figure stuff out, and that’s when you have to go to the mountain, go sit under a tree, or hug it,” said Paul Borch, owner of Treebones Creations.

Borch finds his craft in the woods of Frazier Park.

“Once you see a piece of wood, it’s kind of crazy cause you look at it, and you can just see the face in there. Like it tells you what to carve,” said Borch.

Borch makes creatures out of trees that he chops himself.

“That’s why it’s called Treebones. It’s bringing stuff back. I mean, you think it’s dead, but it’s not. [It's] still alive,” said Borch.

From a young age, he felt at home amongst the mountains and trees.

“I’ve always been a nature boy. Growing up as a kid climbing trees, digging holes, and you know… we just fell in love with it.”

Now, Borch carves his heart and soul into each art piece.

“You just go deeper and deeper, and you start shaping it, and eventually it turns into what you want it to turn into with its little twist.”

Even finding deeper meaning along the way.

“It just, you know, falls in place like everything else in life… You think, oh it’s not gonna work out, but it eventually does," said Borch. “Enjoying nature and just knowing that God’s given us everything, it’s all here. We just got to figure out how to use it.”

Before selling his art, Borch likes to meet the buyer “... cause a lot of the art I create, a lot of the carvings– I have them in mind when I do stuff.”

Each mark Borch burns onto his project shows the hours-long dedication to his craft.

“When you want the fine detail, it takes time," Borch said. "I mean, every little stroke, every little burn.”

Borch posts his creations on his website,

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