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Frazier Park forms Neighborhood Watch program

KCSO meets with mountain community locals to build a Neighborhood Watch program
Posted at 7:16 AM, Nov 11, 2023
  • Video shows members of the mountain community coming together with the Kern County Sheriff's Office to discuss efforts in combating property theft.
  • The meeting took place at the Frazier Park Community Center on Thursday November 9, 2023.


Following recent burglaries in Frazier Park, locals meet with Kern County Sheriff officials to discuss building a neighborhood watch.

KCSO talked about three components of a Neighborhood Watch, as stated in the meeting– neighbors communicating with neighbors, neighbors communicating with law enforcement, and securing your property.

Many residents feel there is not enough of a police response to calls.

Frazier Park resident Alexandra Eisner said, “It seems a little bit confusing sometimes of who we should reach out to. Myself and my husband have called 911 with no answer, getting the runaround, even receiving an answering machine at one point.”

One of the reasons– Eisner said, “We have a 2% volume so they think it’s all fine and dandy up here because we think we need to put law into the town as just people of the town when that’s not 100% true in any way, shape, or form.”

According to KCSO, 2% of all calls for service in Kern County come from the Frazier Park area.

Another concern residents mentioned is the limitations due to Prop 47.

Under Prop 47, certain theft and drug possession offenses are no longer felonies, but now misdemeanors.

KCSO says when it comes to these situations, their hands are tied due to Prop 47.

But that still begs the question, how can the Frazier Park community combat burglary?

KCSO believes building a neighborhood watch in Frazier Park is the first step in combating property crimes.

Eisner said, “It’s nice to become more involved and I think that’s what the community needs is to support one another and talk to each other.”

KCSO emphasizes that no matter how small the situation may seem, to call.

“Call, call, call,” Eisner said. “And when you don’t get a response or you get the runaround and you don’t get a dispatcher, go online.”

To report a crime, call 661-861-3110.

(Editor's note: This article has been updated for clarity)

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