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Frazier Park local shows his ‘sign of support’ during the Post Fire

One Frazier Park property owner shows support to the community, especially local firefighters, through his signs.
Posted at 5:26 PM, Jun 26, 2024

FRAZIER PARK, Calif. (KERO) — When times are rough, sometimes we just need a sign. One local Frazier Park resident starts with two signs for the community to see– ‘Together we rise, dreams come true’.

  • Even though firefighters are on the front lines of wildland fires in the mountains, the local community is there to salute their courage and determination– together.
  • One local resident is displaying his sign of support for all to see.


Carey Moulder says this property has been in his family for decades.

“I grew up right here at the shop,” Moulder said. “I lost my first tooth right there underneath the store.”

Each generation– adding new meaning.

“It was the first movie theater in Frazier Park. And they were using apple crates in the small screen to film Theater Herb to show their movies,” said Moulder. “After that, it was my uncle’s pottery studio, Park Place Gallery, and after that, it was my mom’s health food store.”

Now, Moulder gives the property his spark.

Together we rise, dreams come true– that’s the message carved into the wooden signs in front of Moulder’s property, inspired by the signs he saw in Ojai.

“... It was just after the Thomas Fire. And I noticed what a tight-knit community that was. It reminded me a lot of when I was growing up in Frazier Park,” said Moulder.

In 1999, that message was nearly lost. The then-theater and malt shop burned down. A year later it was demolished.

Now, Moulder is rebuilding, with dreams of turning the place into an event center.

“A place for people to gather and to be able to have art shows and community events and film festivals and music festivals and all those kinds of things,” said Moulder.

And it began with the signs, just as the Post fire erupted in Gorman.

“ was a very weird coincidence that the fire happened and that I just put these up,” said Moulder.

A coincidence that Moulder says carries a lot of weight.

“Everybody in the mountain community likes to say we’re different because I live here, I live there,” said Moulder. “At the end of the day, we all live on the mountain.”

The sign, which offered the same hope to the people of Ojai during the Thomas fire.

“...a lot of people lost their businesses, and a lot of people lost a lot of things. So that it was just a place where people were able to gather and be able to seek aid and be able to provide aid for the community,” said Moulder. “So I kind of saw the same thing going on here and I said, ‘yeah, why not?’”

Reminding everyone in this mountain community to not give up, right in front of the building that used to be a theater.

“I’m living proof sometimes that dreams do come true,” said Moulder. “I live in a beautiful community. I work in the best industry I can and I’m really happy with my life.”

For more info on the event center, look up Carey Moulder on social media.

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