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Local store sales slide with the snow

Snow gear and winter clothes fill the stores in Frazier Park, but how does the winter actually impact local businesses?
Posted at 7:34 PM, Jan 16, 2024
  • Video shows the impact of winter weather on local businesses in Frazier Park.
  • Isabel's Clothing and Dena's Bazaar share their experience running a local shop in the mountains


The snow-covered mountains and frost in the air bring in visitors from all over the county to the mountain communities. But for local businesses, the snow can be hit or miss when it comes to their sales.

Estefanie Guerrero with Isabel's Clothing says some days bring in exciting, new crowds.

She said, “We’ll [sometimes get] people from other countries, other states, which is pretty fun.”

While other days are touch-and-go, Guerrero said, “It just depends because sometimes we have a patrol that tends to close down the road because there’s a lot of snow or there’s already a lot of visitors up there.”

Even with the snowy mountains, store owners say it can be difficult to draw in the crowds- both visitors and locals.

Dena with Dena’s Bazaar said, “Most people who come here are not from Bakersfield. I don’t know why people in Bakersfield don’t come up here, because this is a funky-doodle little town. But it’s kind of fun.”

Dena said she's closing up shop and retiring after about eight years on the mountain.

But it’s not for a lack of passion. Dena said being creative is the most important thing to her, “Whether it’s writing or singing or making things, just being creative.”

Instead – Dena says the world has become an “online society,” browsing the internet instead of local stores. She said, “I think that people have to stop thinking that Amazon and other sites where you order are ‘the bomb’ and explore because there’s lots of little, little places.”

Local store owners in Frazier Park hope that more people throughout the county will look beyond the snow, and support mom-and-pop shops– All while keeping the community in mind.

“People up here, we’re kind of overlooked in Kern County,” Dena said. “We’re kind of like last on the list.”

Guerrero added, “When you’re visiting, if you bring food, diapers, just please be aware and be mindful of others. Pick up after yourselves, don’t park in any driveways or play in other people’s properties, because it tends to frustrate our communities.”

Store locations: 

  1. Dena’s Bazaar (closing by the end of the month):
    1. 3620 Mt Pinos Way #104, Frazier Park, CA 93225
  2. Isabel’s Clothing:
    1. 3608 Arroyo Trail, Frazier Park, CA 93225

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