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The deadline for Hazard Reduction in the mountains of Frazier Park is coming up– here is what you need to know

Wildfire season is beginning to 'heat up' all across Kern county
Posted at 1:00 PM, May 30, 2024
  • Kern County Fire requires those living in the mountains to take extra precautions to protect themselves and their property.
  • Hazard Reduction is intended to create defensible space to protect your property during a fire.
  • The Hazard Reduction Clearance deadline is June 1.


To help reduce the risk of wildfires affecting your property, the Hazard Reduction clearance requires a total of 100 ft reduction of vegetation and combustibles near structures.

Of those 100 ft, there should be a 30 ft clearance of combustibles and vegetation around all structures, including wood piles.

While these are the main requirements, there are more steps to protect your property.

The Kern County Fire Department Hazard Reduction Clearance Requirements Checklist states:

“Provided a 30 ft. clearance of all non-ornamental combustibles and vegetation around all structures. (This includes wood piles)

Provided a total 100 ft. reduction of all non-ornamental combustibles and vegetation around all structures.

Remove trees and limbs within 10 ft. of stovepipe and chimney outlets.

Remove any dead limbs that overhang or are adjacent to structures.

Clear roof of all combustible vegetation, including leaves and pine needles.

Provide a 10 ft. clearance of all combustible material around LPG and fuel tanks.

Provide a minimum 10 ft. clearance around all property lines that encroach on the 100 foot defensible space of adjacent structures.

All non-ornamental trees should be limbed within 6 ft. from the ground and dead limbs removed. (Although we can advise it, they are not currently required to completely remove dead trees!)

Provide reduction of excessive accumulations of fuel that can be deemed a fire hazard.”

The clearance deadline is on June 1.

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