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“You light it, we write it”: KCFD warns county of firework restrictions

Red, white, blue, and more colors will fill the night sky on the Fourth of July– but not for the mountain communities.
Posted at 5:14 PM, Jul 03, 2024

FRAZIER PARK, Calif. (KERO) — Captain Andrew Freeborn with the Kern County Fire Department details some of the firework restrictions in Kern.

  • Fireworks are banned entirely in the mountain communities. But Captain Andrew Freeborn with the Kern County Fire Department shares how the mountain communities can celebrate safely.
  • Fines for illegal use of fireworks starts at $1,500.
  • “You light it, we write it” details where and when to buy or use fireworks.
  • To report illegal fireworks, do not call 9-1-1. Instead, report it on the Kern County Fire Department website.


Independence day is known for vibrant firework displays lighting up the night sky. And while it's a day to celebrate, the Kern County Fire Department is on high alert.

Captain Andrew Freeborn says the Fourth of July is one of their busiest days of the year.

"There will be about an extra 100 fire personnel within the Kern County Fire Department, above and beyond our normal staffing levels,” said Freeborn. “That's how serious this holiday is. We are going to be running from one emergency to the next."

And while they understand that people look forward to celebrating, there are restrictions.

In the mountains, it's a complete ban.

"Our people in the mountain communities… realize that they live in a beautiful area, but with that beauty comes a natural risk to it and that is there's a greater potential for forest fires," said Freeborn.

While no fireworks are allowed in our mountain communities, other areas in the county have a timeline to purchase and use legal fireworks.

"You light it, we write it" is a part of the Kern County Fire website, detailing where and when.

"You can look at the community that you live in and you're able to see when are the times that you can legally purchase fireworks and when are the times you can legally use fireworks," said Freeborn.

Fines for illegal fireworks, or even using legal fireworks out of the approved hours, starts at $1,500.

But if you do see or hear illegal fireworks, Freeborn says not to call 9-1-1.

"A big help to us is for individuals not to call 911 to report illegal fireworks. If an individual is reporting illegal firework activity, they need to do so at," said Freeborn.

While fireworks are entirely banned in the mountains, the Kern County Fire Department website has details on where and when you can light up the sky safely.

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