Baby allegedly beaten to death by dad identified

Posted at 9:00 AM, Feb 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-16 22:14:29-05

The Kern County Coroner's Office has identified the 2-year-old girl who was allegedly beaten to death by her dad as Isis Anastasia Sanchez.

On Feb. 7, Kern County Sheriff's deputies responded to a home in the 200 block of Harding Avenue for reports of a child not breathing. 


After further investigation, deputies arrested 27-year-old Izaac Sanchez.

Three days later, on Feb. 10, Isis died.

Sanchez has been charged with murder. 


Today 23 ABC was able to speak with a few neighbors who say that night was something they never want to witness again.

Next door neighbor Amy Robison was one of the first to hear this happen and says this incident caught everyone by surprise.

"They were always really nice and they were always doing stuff with the kids. They pretty much just stayed to them self but they were friendly as well, they didn't seem like they, I had never seen them be mean to their children or anything like that" said Robison.

Ashley Burns and her family live down the street and said they could hear the screaming of the mom and when they did her fiancée immediately ran over to help as he called 911.

"When he had got back over here, he said that the baby had been unconscious on the ground and that it seemed very lifeless as the father had sat there and moved her head from side to side, it just kind of flopped," said Burns.

Robison had a friend over that night that knew CPR and did her best to help assist, but the baby showed no signs of life.

"My friend Sadie said that performing CPR that she was already blue and that she had a big bruise on her chin. The baby wasn't breathing. She's like there was no air coming out of the baby at all. She's like the only air the baby has is what I'm breathing into her," Robison said.

As a mom both Burns said that this is just unimaginable and she still can't believe that it happened.

"It was devastating. It was heart breaking. It made me cry. I was just in my front yard crying for her because she just sounded so sincere and so devastated and heart broken. Something you never want to hear as a mother," said Burns.

Both Burns and Robison are mothers and they said his night is something that they will never forget.

"I could see the mother out there in the middle of the road screaming." said Burns.

 "It still haunts me, I still think what if I would've heard her," said Robison.

A formal police report has not yet been released but the father is being charged with murder.

The coroner's office also told 23 ABC that the cause of death has been listed as blunt force trauma.

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