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2019 Kern County Regional Science Fair results announced

Posted at 3:56 PM, Mar 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-13 18:56:54-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Over 600 4th through 12th grade students took part in the regional science fair on Tuesday.

These are the following results in each category:



First Place — Jaylin Olson/Rosedale North Elementary

Second Place — Joseph Jephson/American Elementary

Third Place — Jeremiah Smith/American Elementary

Honorable Mention — Megan Otts/Suburu Elementary


First Place — Zoey Raguindin/Fletcher Elementary

Second Place — Josiah Vance/Centennial Elementary

Third Place — Quan Laskey/St. Ann Catholic School

Honorable Mention —Jaelyn Ray/Zephyr Elementary

Life Science

First Place — Finn Ashley/Downtown Elementary

Second Place — Juan Blanco/Berkshire Elementary

Third Place — Luna Carvente/Stine Elementary

Honorable Mention — Leah Salcedo/El Camino Real Elementary

Mammalian Biology

First Place — Sophia Cestone/Miller Elementary

Second Place — Alyssa Barragan/Nueva Vista Language Academy

Third Place — Abigail Elizalde/Rosedale North Elementary

Honorable Mention — Kaylee Lopez/Del Vista Math & Science Academy

Materials Science

First Place — Amanda Gonzalez/Bessie Owens Intermediate

Second Place — Paisley Harris/Hart Elementary

Third Place — Andrew Maldonado/Granite Pointe Elementary

Honorable Mention — Ina Trang/McAuliffe Elementary

Materials Science - Liquids

First Place — Andersen Zahn/Laurelglen Elementary

Second Place — McKenzie Bauer/Almondale Elementary

Third Place — Madelyn Evans/Panama Elementary

Honorable Mention — Adriana Andrade/Myrtle Avenue Elementary

Plant Biology

First Place — Katelyn Kaff/Stockdale Elementary

Second Place — Samriddhi Singh/Reagan Elementary

Third Place — Hayden Hatfield/Sing Lum Elementary

Honorable Mention — Lila Vincent/Patriot Elementary

Physics I

First Place — Warren Woolf/Valley Oaks Charter School

Second Place — Adam Brady/Almondale Elementary

Third Place — Elissa Cortes/Morningside Elementary

Honorable Mention — Jynna Sabala/Prueitt Elementary

Physics II

First Place — Eric Nahama/Bessie Owens School

Second Place — Nathan Cruz-Boone/Downtown Elementary

Third Place — Grant Guyton/Almondale Elementary

Honorable Mention — Emma Hay/Fletcher Elementary

Product Science I

First Place — Scout Hague/Buena Vista Elementary

Second Place — Emily Sanchez/Pioneer School

Third Place — Aristen De Guzman/Bill Williams Elementary

Honorable Mention — Clowie Hamon/Standard Elementary

Product Science II

First Place — Eleni Southerd/Independence Elementary

Second Place — Madyline Beckham/Woodrow Wallace Elementary

Third Place — James Maples/Hacienda Elementary

Honorable Mention — Clare Dedmon/Bimat Elementary

Grade 5

Applied Mechanics

First Place — Nathan Poon/Kendrick Elementary

Second Place — Phillip Mangelsdorf/Golden Hills Middle School

Third Place — Amelia Riley/American Elementary

Honorable Mention — Kylie Newlen/Chavez Elementary

Chemistry I

First Place — Miliani Barraza/Woodrow Wallace Elementary

Second Place — Jordan Loveland/Bill Williams Elementary

Third Place — Jefferson Jerrickson/Virginia Avenue Elementary

Honorable Mention — Savannah Lopez/Redwood Elementary

Chemistry II

First Place — Cristian Camou/Bimat Elementary

Second Place — Lay’Arie Williams/Hacienda Elementary

Third Place — Clyde Pabalate/Morningside School

Honorable Mention — Dominic Mendez/Fairview Elementary

Chemistry III

First Place — Lupwaydoh Windsor/Endeavour Elementary

Second Place — Mia Wilson/Peak to Peak Mountain Charter

Third Place — Alexandra Billings/St. Francis Parish School

Honorable Mention — Katelin Neal/McAuliffe Elementary

Cognitive Science

First Place — Jada Dizon-Ramos/Morningside School

Second Place — Khushwant Kaur/Morningside School

Third Place — Lucy Forsyth/Stockdale Elementary

Honorable Mention — Josephine Ramos/Albany Park Elementary

Earth Science

First Place — Jorea Lin, Buena Vista Elementary

Second Place — Owen Weishaar, Rio Bravo-Greeley

Third Place — Zane Rock, Thorner Elementary

Honorable Mention — Wyatt Bassett, Stockdale Elementary


First Place — Katherine Whitehouse/Granite Pointe Elementary

Second Place — Juliet Villalobos/Grimmway Academy

Third Place — Jack Sonke/Buena Vista Elementary

Life Science

First Place — Presley Reed/Endeavour Elementary

Second Place — Ishmeet Singh/St. John’s Lutheran School

Third Place — Gabriel Ayala/Discovery Elementary

Material Science

First Place — Noah Calhoun, Peak to Peak Mountain Charter

Second Place — Angelica Pantoja, Bear Mountain Elementary

Third Place — Amaris Luna/Alicante Avenue

Honorable Mention — Anabel Alvidrez-Tovar/Bessie Owens Intermediate


First Place — Simon Kebede/Reagan Elementary

Second Place — Spencer Watkins/Miller Elementary

Third Place — Segen Von Flue, Laurelglen Elementary

Plant Biology

First Place — Tanvi Thallapalle/St. John’s Lutheran Elementary

Second Place — Mridula Krishnan/Centennial Elementary

Third Place — Tate Van Scharrel/St. John’s Lutheran Elementary

Honorable Mention — Jacklyn Mays/Del Rio Elementary

Product Science I

First Place — Jorge Delgado/Bessie Owens Intermediate

Second Place — Thomas Wilson/Discovery Elementary

Third Place — Kaitlyn Sharrer/Endeavour Elementary

Honorable Mention — Jaden Huang/Old River Elementary

Product Science II

First Place — Ciaran Lollar/Centennial Elementary

Second Place — Ella Mauer/Kernville Elementary

Third Place — Madison Catlin/Patriot Elementary

Honorable Mention — Natalia Gonzales/Bear Mountain Elementary

Grades 6-8


First Place — Emily Bell/Actis Jr. High

Second Place — Maddox Smith/Downtown Elementary

Third Place — Iamanni Jackson/Cato Middle School

Alternative Energy

First Place — Aditya Kakarla/Warren Jr. High

Second Place — Gianna Nicomedes/Warren Jr. High

Third Place — Carolyn James/Stockdale Christian School

Applied Mechanics and Structures

First Place — Nicholas Frutos/Panama Elementary

Second Place — Jimmy Bittleston/Rio Bravo-Greeley

Third Place — Benito Juarez/Thomas Jefferson Middle School

Honorable Mention — Anneliese Sullivan/St. John’s Lutheran School


First Place — Rhea Sharma/St. John’s Lutheran School

Second Place — Cesar Duarte/Stonecreek Jr. High

Third Place — Grace Elliott/La Vina Middle School

Honorable Mention — Lacey Fachin/Freedom Middle School


First Place — John Erick Tarcena/Woodrow Wallace Middle School

Second Place — Bella Hunter, Lilly Hunter, Centennial Elementary

Third Place — Anum Khan, Ananya Komireddy/Warren Jr. High

Honorable Mention — Braxton Briscoe/Thorner Elementary

Chemistry I

First Place — Joedina Crocker/Beardsley Jr. High

Second Place — Brock Heber/Lincoln Jr. High

Third Place — Gracie Lau/American Elementary

Honorable Mention — Camila Botello/Alicante Avenue

Honorable Mention — Cristian Duran/La Vina Middle School

Chemistry II

First Place — Justin Magugat/Tevis Jr. High

Second Place — Ria Patel/Thomas Jefferson Middle School

Third Place — Jadelyn Smith, Seibert Elementary

Chemistry III

First Place — Taryn Manns/Sing Lum Elementary

Second Place — An Truong, Tu Truong/Warren Jr. High

Third Place — Jessica Ela/Grimmway Academy

Chemistry IV

First Place — Hannah Hessler/Stockdale Christian School

Second Place — Himmut Chatha/Bessie Owen Intermediate

Third Place — Brett Royer/Rio Bravo-Greeley

Chemistry V

First Place — Daniel Puga/St. John’s Lutheran School

Second Place — Sofia Truong/Warren Jr. High

Third Place — Audrey Wiebe/Our Lady of Perpetual Help School

Cognitive and Behavioral Science

First Place — Simratpreet Kaur/Ollivier Middle School

Second Place — Emily Ellis/Lincoln Jr. High

Third Place — Jaiden Flores/Ollivier Middle School

Honorable Mention — Amaliya Dray/Fruitvale Jr. High


First Place — Harjaisal Brar/St. John’s Lutheran School

Second Place — Peter Sullivan/St. John’s Lutheran School

Third Place — Devansh Anand, Krrish Kapadia/Warren Jr. High

Honorable Mention — Sadie Mullins/Rio Bravo-Greeley

Environmental Engineering

First Place — Antonio Maldonado/Palm Avenue School

Second Place — Caleb Peterson/Grimmway Academy-Arvin

Third Place — Sophia Camou/St. Francis Parish School

Honorable Mention — Hannah Burke/Rosedale North Elementary

Environmental Science

First Place — Farmer Moreno/Thomas Jefferson Middle School

Second Place — Yareli Sanchez/Teresa Burke Elementary

Third Place — Trevor Stanton/Woodrow Wallace Middle School

Materials Science

First Place — Aarohi Patel/Warren Jr. High

Second Place — Getsemani Valdovinos/Beardsley Jr. High

Third Place — Alexander Zhang/Warren Jr. High

Plant Biology

First Place — Ashlyn Vincent/Patriot Elementary

Second Place — Joshua Rangel/Heritage Christian Schools

Third Place — Angelina Rivera/California City Middle School

Plant Nutrition

First Place — Kasey Lassen/Woodrow Wallace Middle School

Second Place — Lucia Khuu/St. John’s Lutheran School

Third Place — Pujan Ghadia/Cato Middle School


First Place — Piercen Jones/Bessie Owens Intermediate

Second Place — Connor Ashton/St. John’s Lutheran School

Third Place — Erick Perez/Thomas Jefferson Middle School

Honorable Mention — Brooke Riggs/Chavez Elementary

Product Science I

First Place — Aislin Warkentin/Stockdale Christian School

Second Place — Lauren Trinh/St. John’s Lutheran School

Third Place — Cambria Parker/Lincoln Jr. High

Product Science II

First Place — Adalynn Acebedo/Bearsley Jr. High

Second Place — Evan Taw/Fruitvale Jr. High

Third Place — Kennadee Gagne, Makayla Haggins/California City Middle School


Applied Mechanics and Structures

First Place — Marcos Lucero, Mateo Jimenez/Ridgeview High School

Second Place — Elyse Wong/Bakersfield High School

Third Place — Nicole Warner, Natalie Warner/Desert High School

Honorable Mention — Callie McCaffery/Bakersfield High School


First Place — Rishi Shah/Stockdale High School

Second Place — Janae Hutson/Ridgeview High School

Cognitive and Behavioral Science

First Place — Harshini Ravi, Harshita Ravi/Stockdale High School

Second Place — Khushali Desai, Aayushi Kapadia/Stockdale High School

Third Place — Ravneet Kaur, Penelope Narvaez/Ridgeview High School

Honorable Mention — Jessica Cruz, Yajayra Torres/Ridgeview High School

Environmental Science

First Place — Brian Ith, Marcus Rodriguez/Ridgeview High School

Second Place — Ravneet Pannu, Trinity Ybarra/Ridgeview High School

Third Place — Emily Lun, Amanda Sanchez/Ridgeview High School

Math and Software

First Place — Brianna Camero, Bhjan Kaur/Ridgeview High School

Second Place — Rishabh Bose/Stockdale High School

Microbiology/Molecular Biology

First Place — Avneet Sandhu/Ridgeview High School

Second Place — Suchitra Dara, Alor Sahoo/Stockdale High School

Third Place — Sagar Gupta, Stockdale High School

Plant Biology

First Place — Krina Ghadia/Stockdale High School

Second Place — Jasanpreet Brar, Sahil Kang/Ridgeview High School

Third Place — Ryoma Yamguchi, Ridgeview High School