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29-year-old Tehachapi man 'not serious' about social media post threatening to shoot people at Walmart

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Posted at 5:14 PM, Aug 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-20 10:18:43-04

TEHACHAPI, Calif. — 23ABC News has obtained court documents claiming 29-year-old Kevyn Devereaux was not serious about posts he made on social media threatening to carry out a mass shooting at the new Tehachapi Walmart.

According to the documents, a detective was first made aware of the threats he made on social media on August 11. The detective reportedly went to a Facebook page for a man named "Kevyn Caution" and saw a post that read: " Tehachapi just got a new shooting range, when I finish Pokemon but I realize I have to go shoot people on my local Walmart."

Documents stated that the detective then found a separate post that showed a boy holding a rifle with a scope, according to the court documents. The detective then began to follow up on the investigation by asking around for Devereaux.

Once Devereaux learned the detective was looking for him, he voluntarily went to the police station to speak with the detective.

Documents detailed that during the interrogation, Devereaux admitted that he understood the post may lead people into thinking the threat was real and that he was aware of the recent mass shootings. Devereaux said his post was not serious and he did not own any guns.

A search warrant was issued for the apartment he shares with another person. Officers reportedly seized several weapons and body armor, including two pistols, two rifles, and an assault-style rifle known as the "tactical machine"along with various types of ammunition.

According to a release by from TPD on Friday, the assault rifle as well as the ammo belonged to Devereaux's roommate.

Devereaux was arrested and booked into Kern County Jail for criminal threats. His bail is set at $50,000.

Devereaux is scheduled to appear in court August 26.