23ABC EXCLUSIVE: Man driving car when Kason Guyton was shot speaks out

Posted at 9:05 PM, Mar 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-21 14:56:09-04

It's been three weeks since two local boys were shot while riding in the car with their mother’s boyfriend. One of them, five-year-old Kason Guyton, died.


31-year-old Dayvon Vercher was behind the wheel the night Kason Guyton and his brother B.J. were shot.

"Well I left her house and by the time I made it to the corner it was just firework," said Vercher.


He looked in the backseat of the cat and saw the brothers covered in blood.


With two flat tires and the car riddled with bullet holes, he drove them to the nearest hospital.


"I wrapped Kason first, gave him to the nurses, came back grabbed B.J, ran him in there and then just went back and forth from this room to that room," said Vercher.


But he wouldn't be by their side for long. Vercher says BPD detectives took him for questioning within 45 minutes of arriving at the hospital.


Hours later he was arrested and booked for a parole violation that dates back to 2015. A violation he says he already served jail time for.


Vercher believes he is unjustly being held in jail because he failed to provide police with any suspect information.


“Are y'all mad at me ‘cause I couldn't help you with anything. I don't know nothing. I didn't see nobody. I can't give a description of anything,” said Vercher. “When it's bullets flying at you you're not trying to look around and see who did what. I'm thinking more about their safety than anything."


Vercher served 13 and a half years in prison for a 2002 shooting. He says that while detectives say that he is a gang member, since his release in 2015 he has changed his life. 


“I been working, school, family, that it's. I would never put my family in harm’s way. It's my job to protect my family," said Vercher.


He remains in jail where he is charged with violation of parole, possession of a firearm and ammunition, receiving stolen property and participating in a street gang.


He says his days in jail are spent thinking about the boys he considers his own. 


Vercher says that while he cannot change the hands of time, he would’ve done anything to the outcome of that tragic night saying, “I did not want them to experience nothing like that, you know. And it was like man, if I could've took every single shot that they threw at that car in order for Kason to live and for B.J. not to experience something like that, I would've took that."


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