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62-year-old doctor joins the Army reserves

Posted at 10:08 PM, Apr 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-22 01:08:34-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — A local doctor is taking his skills and medical training with him to serve our nation as he becomes the Army reserve's latest recruit at the age of 62.

Wednesday, a special ceremony and swearing-in were held for doctor Ian Armstrong, the Army's latest recruit.

Bakersfield community members came out showing their support for Armstrong.

He grew up in Bakersfield and attended Highland High. His father was a doctor in Bakersfield and his mother a nurse.

Armstrong's former practice was in Beverly Hills where he was known as the neurosurgeon to the stars. He currently has a private practice in Bakersfield.

He says he felt compelled to serve especially since there are not many neurosurgeons in the Army and feels he can help save the men and women who protect us all.

"Well, I think we all sleep at night in safety and we all take freedoms for granted sometimes, a small percentage, less than 1% keeps the other 350 million safe. These men put their lives on the line, they make personal sacrifices, financial sacrifices, and everything we do is because of them, and I've spent 25 years, 30 years training to be a neurosurgeon. I know there are very few neurosurgeons in the military and joining the military and being a part of that and serving will be an honor and tremendous privilege."

Armstrong's family has a rich military history on both sides and he says growing up in Bakersfield, the community was always big on supporting the military and veterans.