911 audio released after newborn dies after being born at Jefferson Park

Posted at 11:19 PM, Aug 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-04 02:29:45-04

Bakersfield Police Department responded to a call of a women walking to a nearby residence early Wedensday morning carrying a newborn isdie her purse after giving birth inside a bathroom at Jefferson Park.

Operator: “and it’s not a doll?”


Caller: “No it’s not a doll.”

That is when the horrific call came in to Bakersfield Police Department.

Caller: “Please don’t send with sirens because the girl will spook off… she has a stillborn in her purse. 
Operator: “She has a WHAT in her purse? 
Caller: “A stillborn baby in her purse I kid you not.”

“she just started telling me about how she had a miscarriage and I was like aw man and I told her how bad I felt for her and everything and then she was like well it’s in my purse and I go wait what," said Tommy witness of the incident. 

"Me personally, I haven't seen anything of this nature. The circumstances are definitely something a bit different, not something we see on a regular basis,” said Sgt. Ryan Kroeker the Bakersfield Police Department PIO.

The baby was pronounced dead at the scene after first responders arrived, Carrasco, was taken to Kern Medical to be treated.

It is unknown if any charges will be made as Bakersfield Police Department continues to investigate.