911 Call: Phillips "Attempted Suicide"

Posted at 12:02 PM, Jan 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-14 21:55:57-05

Imprisoned ex-NFL running back Lawrence Phillips was reportedly found dead Wednesday in his cell.

California Department of Corrections officials say they suspect 40-year-old Phillips, who was facing murder charges, committed suicide.

TMZ Sports has obtained the Lawrence Phillips' 911 call -- in which a prison staffer tells the operator to send help because the ex-NFL star "has attempted suicide right now."

During the call, the staffer says he's in the dark about Lawrence's condition or how he tried to take his own life ... but says he was instructed by other Kern Valley State Prison staffers to call for an ambulance asap.


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Phillips' attorney, Jesse Whitten, said he never saw signs suggesting Phillips was suicidal. 

He said when he saw Phillips on Tuesday, Phillips was in a good mood, excited by the fact that he was able to wear nice clothes. 

"He was very relaxed, you know upbeat."

23ABC was the only local TV station in the court room on Tuesday for Phillips' preliminary hearing. Time and time again Phillips made facial expressions as other testified against him. However, Whitten said that sort of behavior is not unusual for clients. 

"It's just like they react because when they hear something they're like, 'Oh my, that's not true," said Whitten. 

Whitten said he never saw any signs Phillips had given up hope, and said he was always optimistic about his case. 

Whitten said he hopes there is a full investigation into Phillips' death and asks that no one jumps to conclusions.