A Bakersfield neighborhood says a drone is spying on their homes

Posted at 5:38 PM, Mar 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-29 20:38:58-04
In this quiet neighborhood on Verano and Rockwell drive, residents say they have been woken up to a sound of a drone hovering over their houses and their property which they say needs to come down immediately for their safety.  
One woman who doesn't want her face shown on camera for safety reasons is worried that this drone may be recording her house and her property which could be used for a future robbery. Here is what she had to say
"Yeah, a little bit yeah.  Cause they could be casing out our homes or something you never know what they are going to do with it."  
She wants only one thing to happen.
"I want it to stop that's for sure.  Yeah i don't want anyone spying on my home. That's ridiculous!"
A photo was captured of the drone that was hovering over a resident's home in the middle of the night on security systems. With safety and privacy a huge concern, I showed BPD a picture of the drone and found out what the rules and regulations are for drone use and what violators could face if they cross over private property. Here is what Sergeant Ryan Kroeker has to say.
"I know with a lot of drones they have devices where you can have a camera attached to a drone and that feeds into a cell phone and you can record stuff like that, so any kind of recording or any photographs that are being taken of maybe somebody's backyard if you are flying it in the air or anything that is deemed private by an individual that doesn't have access to be there could potentially be a criminal law violation."
"Mostly misdemeanors, misdemeanor type crime for those flying the drone or any information that they gather. Then there will be a fine attached to it and most of the fines that are given out will be given out by the court for restitution or whatever the case may be."
If you have any information on this drone hovering over people's homes and property you are encouraged to contact BPD.