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A dog that was shot and paralyzed is now recovering in a sober living home

While Avianah is healing, she is healing others too.
A dog that was shot and paralyzed is now recovering in a sober living home
Posted at 11:41 PM, Jul 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-08 02:41:22-04

Less than two weeks after a dog was shot in the spine and left behind in the middle of nowhere; Avianah is on the up and up. And as she heals, she's also helping to heal others. The 4-year-old pit bull mix was pregnant when she was shot and left out in the middle of an orchard. And Zach Skow, with Marley’s Mutts, says she was shot and paralyzed. He says, “she had a bullet wound directly into her spine, which you saw and a lot of fragments in there”

Skow says he received a call from Valley Oaks SPCA in Tulare County.

Rescuers believe Avianah gave birth immediately after being shot in the field. Skow says, “when rescuers found her she had two deceased puppies and seven live puppies. “He adds, “what they assume is that the injuries catalyzed her giving birth.”

Despite being shot, injured from giving birth, and stuck out in an orchard with her new puppies; Avianah fought through it. Skow says,“She was just taking care of them. She kicked into mommy mode.”

Skow says they don't know who shot her or how long they were out there, but Avianah is doing better. She's been placed at Minnie Marvels Sober Living for Women and Children, where her fight to survive is impacting those living there.