A Green Kern County due to rain

Posted at 6:44 PM, Feb 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-28 21:44:25-05
With nine inches of rain here on the valley floor, we are seeing all different kinds of plants, and flowers popping up all over Kern County and especially one place, the Wind Wolves Preserve. 
If your walking along a trail here at the preserve. You will notice the green and the purple and the yellow.  The valley floor received nine inches of rain so far this year and with all of the rainfall, lush plants and grass has grown unusually early this year. I talked to the Landon Peppel, a preserve manager here at Wind Wolves to see how they are liking all of the vegetation and how they are gearing up for the increase in visitors. 
"So its really green right now as you can tell in the valley floor below 3000 feet the grass is extremely productive and in the last two weeks the flowers have come on so we gave green surrounded by hues of orange and purple."
All different kinds of hues, which was a benefit of record breaking rainfall this winter. Peppel tells us this.
"Were just over nine inches here on the valley floor right now with our rain gages and the average mean year is around six inches. So we are doing pretty well. We are significantly over. And ill say we haven't seen rain like this in over a decade."
Not seeing rain like this in over a decade has some rangers saying that Kern County is as green as Ireland with a big difference from the dry period this time last year to this year. Landon has this to say.
"I say the bloom period is the biggest difference and the height of the grass. Its really tall. Its a lot of grass."
With the really tall grass,the numerous lush plants and the beautiful scenery, the park has seen 60,000 visitors with some special events happening celebrating all the green. Peppel has this to say.
"So on March 11th and 12th we have our 4th annual spring nature festival, we anticipate around 5000 people coming out to the preserve. A lot of folks coming from Kern County are coming out for the very first time. Along with our guided hikes and tours and its a great time to bring out your family because its so pretty."
To check out all of the green, you can visit the wind wolves preserve starting on March 11th to celebrate an early green spring with Kern County. From the wind wolves preserve Adam Bowles 23ABC.