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A secret act of kindness helps the community

Little Free Anti-Racist Library
Posted at 1:49 PM, Aug 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-22 16:49:53-04

BOSTON, Mass. — The world has been quite daunting, but in a corner of the world there’s people looking to uplift their community.

A small library in south Boston has been repaired after turbulent weather wore it down. It's called the ‘Little Free Anti-Racist Library’ with books meant to amplify black voices.

For the past year a little free library has been tucked away on G street in south Boston.

The brainchild of Haley George who wanted to build one of countless tiny libraries around Boston but with a conscious decision about which books it contained: "I am a teacher so love books and then after George Floyd's murder I really wanted to center black voices and amplify black voices especially in the neighborhood that I live in."

The ‘Little Free Anti-Racist’ opened in June of last year and was an instant hit.

"I would hear them walking by talking about it a lot of people would use it, it felt like it was kind of becoming a big part of the community," George said.

Unfortunately, she had to close the library in May after heavy rain caused it to collapse.

She was planning on rebuilding it for the fall but on Monday when she came home from school, she saw someone had already done the work for her.

"Not knowing who it was and knowing that somebody had taken the time and taken the energy to put it back together was really special."

George figured that her secret repairman was her landlord or her sister, but she stumbled across him earlier in the day to see it’s Armando Correa.

"I'm like how am I going to salvage this box and I couldn't salvage it, so I went to Ikea, got another box, salvaged the panels stapled paint sticks on it and stuck it in the ground. I just wanted them to know that someone in the neighborhood really felt positive about the signs, positive about the little library it brought joy to me when I saw it."