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Accused of covering his tracks in sex with minor

Frank Sanchez facing charges of sexual misconduct
Posted at 6:31 PM, Dec 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-20 21:31:18-05

Former owner of the Green Room Bar, 53-year-old Frank Sanchez, better known as Frank Kruz, was arrested earlier this month and is facing four different abuse charges involving a child under 10 and 14. 

Wednesday 23 ABC obtained new Bakersfield Police records about the investigation in to Sanchez. In these new documents Sanchez's accuser says he tried to cover his tracks to avoid getting caught. And she first met Sanchez when she was three years old.

In the report Sanchez's accuser says, when she was as young as five years old Sanchez would take naps with her, do sexual acts with her and when she was as young as seven, have sex with her.

The report shows the accuser saying "Sanchez would 'quiz' her on what to say if anyone asked what they were doing." The accuser also says in the report, when she was in the second grade Sanchez would tell her not to touch her privates so she wouldn't hurt herself causing her mom to figure out what was going on.

The accuser says that Sanchez would have her perform sexual acts with him and he would post them online for money. She says he would leave her face out of the pictures and videos and claim she was 18 years old in the posts.

In the report, Sanchez told Bakersfield Police investigators that the accuser's mom had a porn website. And his accuser would come to him when her mom was doing her site. Sanchez also says his accuser "Just grew up too quick."

It also shows Sanchez apologized to his accuser during a recorded phone call by Bakersfield Police, saying, "All I can say is I'm sorry, I take full responsibility."

When 23 ABC talked with defense lawyer Kyle Humphrey's, he says its a major difference between charges for sexual misconduct with a child under fourteen compared to under ten years old.

"It's the difference between life in prison and having an out-date. So it's all the difference in the world," said Humphrey.

Sanchez is scheduled to be back in court next February.



Police: Green Room Bar owner, Frank "Kruz," admits to sexually abusing child