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Adam's Adventures: California Hot Springs

Posted at 9:33 AM, Dec 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-03 12:33:35-05

Did you know there was natural hot spring resort hidden in the Sequoia's only about an hour from Bakersfield? This secret gem has natural hot tubs and pools with natural spring water that can heal the aches and pains of your body.

Its a hidden gem and its a perfect place to warm up and relax when its about to get cold.  23ABC's Adam Bowles went on an adventure to find and enjoy it.

First your going to travel down HWY 99 then HWY 65 like your heading to Porterville.  You're going to end up in the town of Ducor.   

30 miles left! All you have to do is go down HWY 56, past Fountain Springs.

This road is going to turn into Hot Springs road. This is a hint to what's to come. You'll start traveling up the mountain for about 10 miles.  

You'll see beautiful scenery of the Sequoia National Monument.  You'll see the sign for it meaning you're almost there.

Soon You'll see a lot of cars parked on the side with a gorgeous secret resort on the side. then you"ll see it.  

Welcome to California Hot Springs, a beautiful hidden resort in the Sequoia National Monument. This resort has all natural hot springs with bubbling hot water with minerals and steam coming directly from the earth and mountains that can heal aches and pains.  Each tub is around 104° and the swimming pool is warm as well at around 90° with the same hot spring water. The owners Mary and Ron Gilbert says it is very cheap to get in....$14 for adults and $8 for children 10 and under with all day access.

"The Yokuts used the water to heal  rheumatism that was caused by sleeping on the damp ground," Mary says.

The native Yokuts used natural hot spring water to heal aches and pain a long time ago. After that, gold miners came in the 1850's to use them as well and followed by them, development of the resort came in 1882 to channel the natural hot spring water into a pool and hot tubs.  The water is said by visitors to heal their aches, pains, and even migraines.  

"I am a massage therapist, so I come here all the time to heal all of my body aches from long periods of time," Vanessa says.

 Its not just the hot springs you can enjoy here, they have a gift shop, restaurant, RV park and even a massage therapist which you should definitely enjoy.  

All this is only about an hour away. warm bubbling natural hot spring water and pools you can enjoy that will heal the pains of your body and make you healthier.You will leave relaxed and refreshed and a totally new person. Its all right here. adventure is out there all you have to do is get out there.