Adam's Adventures: Peppermint Creek Falls!

Posted at 10:41 AM, Sep 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-17 13:41:00-04

Your going to need your camera for this one and maybe some swimsuits because there is a beautiful 150ft treasure in the sequoias about 2 hours from Bakersfield you can enjoy. 23ABC's Adam Bowles takes us on an adventure to find this treasure in the Sequoias.

What your going to do is travel down Hwy 178 then Hwy 155 past Kernville until it turns into Mountain Hwy 99.  On the way, don't forget to grab a juicy steak burger from McNallys for a lunch break. And be sure to take in the amazing scenery around you.

Your going to continue until you reach an intersection in the Sequoias. 

Travel for about 11 miles, taking in the epic scenery, until you reach the lower Peppermint Campground.

The hike is not that bad. All your going to do is follow the flow of the creek, your probably going to get a little excited for whats to come. 

"Im excited. If its what it looks like in the pictures, I'm ready for it," Andy says.

Keep going into you see some rocks and hear some flowing water.

A trail will take you right over the rocks and then you'll see it.  

Welcome to Peppermint Creek Falls in the Sequoia National Forest. This is a 150 all natural waterfall created from all of the snow pack rushing down the mountains. Over many years the water shaped the rock to create this natural wonder.   First you may want to take the trail down to take a picture. But be careful getting down!

But, that is no way near the end of things to do here.  

The waterfall created crystal clear pools of water that you and your family can swim and hang out in, or you can just sun tan on a nice granite rock after you get wet.  And guess what, remember the Kern River Slides? There is even more natural water slides you can enjoy!

Yep at the top of the water fall there is a natural waterslide you can go down and land into a nice refreshing pool of water.

Or, you can just stand on the top and experience the amazing views of the Sequoia National Forest.

Peppermint creek falls has lots of natural fun stuff to do with your friends and family, just make sure when your done having fun, leave this beautiful treasure the way you found it.  Adventures are there. All you have to do is get out there.