Cathey's K-9 Rescue getting dogs back

Posted at 6:50 PM, Mar 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-03 09:39:35-05

After enduring a horrific crash with 15 of her rescues in the truck, Nancy Cathey went to LA on Wednesday to get her dogs back.

She's the owner of Cathey's K-9 Rescue, a local rescue that has saved over 30,000 animals since 2003. On Saturday, she was hit by a drunk driver on I-5.

Her truck spun and flipped multiple times, with the dogs somehow avoiding major injuries.

CHP and the LA Fire Department rounded up the dogs, who were taken to North Central Animal Shelter in LA. In order to get the dogs back in Kern County, Cathey was told that she'd have to pay a roughly $1200 fee.

"We're just going to go ahead and get them now," says Cathey. "Just so they don't have to be there any longer. And then, you know, deal with the financial part."

Local support for Cathey and the rescue have poured in on social media. Some expressed frustration with the shelter, saying that an exception should be made because of the circumstances.

Others set up a GoFundMe account to help raise funds for a new vehicle, which she uses to transfer the dogs.

"From what I understand it's already reached $10,000," she said. "And we should be able to get a used truck in no time and be back up and running shortly, so long as I can get up and drive it."

Some supporters even offered to help her pay the fee to get the dogs back on Wednesday. Cathey was overwhelmed.

"I thank God, first I'm alive to be with my family and my daughters and my husband, but just he community support is just overwhelming and much appreciated."

According to LA Animal Services, the fees cover intake and medical expenses that began when the dogs were taken in, and they say that the law requires it.

To help get Cathey and her rescue get back on their feet, you can help with the GoFundMe for her truck here.