After a viral video of a cheerleader sparks a police investigation people are concerned with safety

Posted at 6:38 PM, Aug 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-25 21:38:14-04

A viral video has been making its way around the Internet. It is of a cheerleading practice focusing on a specific cheerleader who is forced to do the splits. This video has since sparked a police investigation and caused teachers to be placed on leave. 

The video has gotten a lot of reaction causing many parents to worry about their own kids. However, according to a coach at American Kids Sports Center those who practice at their gym practice safely.

Support. It's a word that describes this sport perfectly. Cheerleading may be all about supporting others, but one viral video is changing who people are rooting for. This video shows a high school cheerleader in Denver being forced to do the splits by her coach. The girl's mom told local reporters she tore muscle tissue and pulled her hamstring.

"I think all athletes no matter what the sport is kids are getting it at a younger age," said Jason Larkins, Cheer Director at American Kids Sports Center, "they are getting personal trainers and private lessons so I feel in general all of our athletes are just becoming more competitive."

With the added competition, sacrifices have to be made. "I'm not gonna force you guys to be champions, we wanna come and we wanna do our best and we wanna go out and compete at a high level and win as many trophies as possible," said Larkins.

But safety is still the most important part of any sport. "I think we as coaches we always have to realize that these are kids, they are not professional athletes and they are gonna be better people when they leave the gym, not injured or broken down emotionally or mentally," said Larkin.

There are ways to stay competitive and safe and this gym uses a certain technique. "We have a tumbling progression chart and in order to move on to B you have to A and in order to move to C you have to have A and B. Se we go mark that through and make sure they can do things properly and correctly," said Larkins.

This video is graphic, causing the support to switch sidelines and make sure that cheer stays a sport that involves, sacrifice, safety and support. "From the clip I watched, the thirty second clip or whatever it was, I remember being like that doesn't look good and I don't see the outcome of this being a good one," said Larkins.

They say keeping athletes safe is a top priority for all coaches at American Kids Sports Center while still making sure that they athletes are performing a their best.