FOUND: Albino California King snake

Posted at 3:26 PM, Jul 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-19 00:08:20-04

Update 07/18/16

: The owners of "Margaret" the missing Albino California King snake that has been on the loose for days now, has been found.

The owners tell 23ABC the snake appears to have lost weight, and may be dehydrated. 



The search is on for a rare Albino snake after it escaped from its cage about a week ago. 

The snake is named Margaret and she's a 12-year-old, albino, California King snake. It went missing in the area of Wilson Ave and Grant Dr. 

"I just don't want to feel scared I mean she's a nice little snake," said Jeffery Glover, his brother-in-law and sister own the snake. "She's harmless, she won't bite you."

He said the cage is missing one latch on the top which keeps it closed and they normally have something heavy on top to keep it secure, but it was accidentally left open.

Glover thinks after Margaret escaped from the cage she slithered across the street because on Tuesday a neighbor spotted Margaret in their backyard. 

"It was terrifying," said Mattisyn Bohn who noticed the snake after her three dogs were barking nonstop at one spot in her yard.

She said her boyfriend told her to grab her daughter and their dogs and go inside while he looked for a rake, but the rake was too small to move the snake so he went to look for a shovel to kill it. By the time he got back, Margaret was gone and had slithered down the alley.

Bohn said she was thankful Margaret got away when she realized she was a pet and not wild.

Glover is asking anyone with information or if they've seen Margaret to contact them at 661-394-0875. They said if you see her and you don't want to touch her keep an eye on her and call them so they can go retrieve her.