Alejandro Leon killed Evelynn Chuca in May 2014, series of mistrials led to plea

Posted at 9:42 AM, Jul 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-06 14:39:18-04

Two mistrials, one overturned conviction and one plea deal add up to 11 years in prison for Alejandro Leon.

In May, Leon pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter for killing Evelynn Chuca in May 2014. On Wednesday, he was sentenced to 11 years behind bars. He has already served nearly three years of the sentence.

Leon was convicted of first degree murder in October of 2014, but a mistake by the prosecution allowed Leon to have a new trial. The prosecution played a 911 call during closing statements that hadn't been redacted or admitted into evidence and the defense argued that could sway jury opinions.

The new trial ended in May of this year, with the jury finding Leon not guilty of first degree murder and a hung jury for second degree murder.

Leon took a plea deal later in May for the lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter to avoid going to trial a third time and risking a potential life sentence for second degree murder. 

Chuca was found dead on a property on Edison Highway in May 2014. 

When police arrived on scene, they found a partial skull and three fingers in a fire pit. The fingerprints from the fingers helped police identify the body as Chuca.

The rest of her body was in a fly-infested tote bag in a trailer on the property.

The coroner found six stab wounds in Chuca's lungs and another in her throat.