Arvin mayoral candidates speak at forum

Posted at 11:40 PM, Sep 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-15 02:40:15-04

The three men running for the mayor’s office in Arvin spoke before the community in a forum all candidates running for local races.  

The candidates are current mayor, Jose Flores and current council members Jose Gurrola, and Jess Ortiz.

All three are promising to change the city for the better but, each with a different plan. 

Current mayor Flores told the audience he will continue the work he's already started but asked for more community involvement.

Jess Ortiz was the mayor of Arvin back in 1992, serving the city for eight years. He says he plans to bring more businesses to Arvin.

Jose Gurrola is promising change and new ideas that he says past leaders haven't brought to the city before.

The candidates were asked a series of questions on issues the audience wanted them to address, including from bringing farmers markets to the area and building bike paths. Other issues included fixing pot holes and cleaning up the contaminated water.

The candidates all responded the same, promising to do the best for the city and its residents.