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Baby 'Jack-Jack' born in the Jack In The Box parking lot given special annual birthday treat

Posted at 8:01 PM, Sep 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-19 23:02:56-04

BAKERSFIELD,Calif. — On Tuesday we told you about, Donica Delarose, the mother who gave birth at a local Jack in The Box parking lot.

23ABC was able to be a part of a special surprise for mom and baby.

The two got to meet Jack In The Box employee, Samantha Barboza, who helped them during labor.

"It's great to know who was there to help me and the establishment was in the perfect place at the perfect time, it’s wonderful," Delarose said.

Delarose, now a mother of five is back at the Jack in The Box off of Union Ave.

Where just a few days ago she was giving birth in the front seat of a car to little Shawn Jaxton aka Jack-Jack.

"When I tell him this story I am going to have his birth certificate in hand where it shows born in an auto at Union and Brundage Lane," Delarose said.

On Thursday, Delarose and her family were able to meet the employee Barboza, who rushed into action to help Delarose. She soon became one of the first people to meet baby Jack-Jack.

"I just remember I had walked out and I seen a woman giving birth so my motherly instinct kicked in," Barboza said. "I warmed up some towels and came to help her."

Barboza just returned from maternity leave herself and says that anyone of her colleagues would have done the same.

Delarose says they are forever grateful for her.

"I was able to actually speak to her and tell her to thank you," Delarose said. "We were able to talk and I was able to visualize her sitting next to me in the car and her trying to help me with the baby."

Delarose and Baby Jack-Jack were gifted with clothes, a gift card, and a special annual birthday treat, for choosing Jack In the Box for his delivery home.

Employees say they will never forget the baby boy's birthday.

"In my entire career with Jack in the Box which is over 27 years I have never heard of something like that," said Patrice Roux, franchise operator of Bakersfield Jack In The Box.

"It's more than just an event it was a tremendous experience not just for the employee but also for the family and the entire organization."

Delarose says that she and her family will be sure to celebrate Jack-Jack's birthday at the restaurant.

As far as Jack In The Box corporate, they had the following statement.

"We’re proud to say that one of our employees went above and beyond."